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beyond the basketball...

A Nance Dance Collective is a project-based initiative that brings together communities of Black men throughout the African Diaspora in order to produce choreographic works that narrate the multifarious stories  of Black manhood.  Artist and scholar, C. Kemal Nance, PhD dedicates his artistic inquiries to research that centralizes the Black male dancing body.  Nance's art and scholarship uses contemporary African dance forms to explore constructions of race, gender, and masculinities as they pertain to the unique discourse of being Black and male.


The first of this year’s projects, I Wonder…, draws on the musical genius of Stevie Wonder as musical accompaniment and score to render a work that speaks to what Nance calls the “spirituality of similitude’ among Black men.  (February 2019)


Nance's forthcoming dance film project, Deez Nuts!: Black Bodies Dancing Defiance explores how the Black male dancing body houses resistance to the social scripts that prescribe Black men’s gender performance.    


What's good?

C. Kemal Nance's dance documentary, 'Deez Nuts! : Black Bodies Dancing Defiance' has been selected for the 2020 Top Shorts Film Festival

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